Beautiful Fingertips with Virtual Nails

Get Beautiful Fingertips with Virtual Nails!

Get Beautiful Fingertips with Virtual Nails!

“Virtual French,” which requires advanced technology, gives a natural and beautiful finish to any toe, just as if it were the original one. ☆
Introducing such virtual French nails!
Virtual French, which allows you to freely form the shape of your nails with a dedicated gel, makes your fingers look slender and can produce beautiful toes.

The simple and mature French nails are immovable and popular nails ♪

I think that you can understand very well when you watch the video, but I can not distinguish my nails from newly made nails at all I will.
Even if you work in a workplace where you can not easily stretch your nails, you can nail it only when it is important ☆

Your fingertips are unexpectedly noticeable, so you can use virtual French to make it elegant and feminine It’s perfect for any scene ♪ It

requires advanced technology to make it naturally without any discomfort, but you can do it by yourself, so please give it a try!

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