How to Make Your Own Magnetic Nail Polish

Mysterious and Beautiful! How to Make Your Own Magnetic Nail Polish?

You, you know me “Magnetic Nail”? It’s a mysterious nail that changes color like a magic using a special gel that reacts to a magnet ☆ “Magnet nail” changes color like a magic when you bring the magnet closer, and the pattern rises.

How to Apply Magnetic Nails?

  1. First, apply the base gel to make the base.
  2. Next, apply magnet gel.
  3. Bring the magnet closer to your favorite pattern.
  4. Complete with curing with UV light. (Omitted in the video)

Magnet nails are a fascinating nail that gives a transparent, glossy, three-dimensional, and high-class feel.

Today, I finished with two tones of chic blue and adult beige.
It is a simple two-color nail, but it has a completely different finish from normal nails!

Magnetic nails are very impressed by the power of magnets☆
Please give it a try!

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