Perfect for The Interior! Easy DIY Photo Stand

There are many pictures I took, so I want to decorate them! However, even if you are looking for a stylish photo stand, there are many people who find it difficult to find what you like.

This is a must-see! Introducing the DIY of stylish interior style picture frame that easy to make in the four CD case☆


  • CD case four
  • bond

How to Make Photo Stand

Assemble painted a bond to:

  • CD case
  • Dry thoroughly
  • Put your favorite photos, complete

how are you? There are only a few ingredients, and all of them can be prepared immediately, and a very stylish interior photo stand has been completed ♡ You

can print your favorite photos and put them in! You can decorate your favorite CD jacket and put it in!
You can also put a bowl in the middle, so the original interior is completed!

You can enjoy your favorite photos from anywhere 360 ​​degrees, so it’s stylish even if you put it in the middle of the table with a dawn♪ It’s
really easy to make, so please try it~

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