Dot Nail Designs

How to Make A New Dot Nail Designs?

How to Make A New Dot Nail Designs?

Such a cute nail in the Band-Aid is!? New how to make a dot nail

I want to draw a pattern of dots in a self-nail, not draw quite well ….
This time, I would like to introduce self-nails that are recommended for you, using familiar items such as “Band plaster”!

Bandages are useful not only for healing injuries, but also as useful nail items!

The procedure is very easy ☆ You can draw a French nail curve at the edge of the plaster, and transfer the pattern of the plaster with nail polish, you can easily draw beautiful dots.

It is an excellent item that plays one of two roles, a French nail curve and a dot, with a single bandage!

Etc. and put the letters seal of the last gold of the heart as in the video, and even cute can you by ♡

Looking at the finish, ♪ nice nails do not think assume that you have created a very bandage was finished those familiar So I recommend it because I think that it will be at home even if you do not buy it ♪
Self-nail people can easily draw dots, so please try it ☆

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