DIY A Mug! The Marble Pattern is too Cute!

How to Make A Mug Fashionable with Your Manicure ♪

I will show you how to make a mug and vase fashionable with a manicure sleeping at home!

Water Marble Art is easily completed by hanging a few drops of nail polish on the surface of the water and transferring it like a pattern.

It may be a good idea to mix some colors and make your own MY cup or MY vase♡

It is a secret trick that you would like to try with other items.


  1. Store water in the basin.
  2. Drop a few drops of nail polish.
  3. Dip the mug (or such as vases) on the surface of the water, is transferred so as to scoop the handle

manicure old days had no longer used recently I was using well, such as the manicure was not so much favorite color but I bought, used Unmanicure is surprising, isn’t it? ♡ It
‘s a waste to throw it away without using it!

Why don’t you make your favorite item fashionable with this method?

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